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13 December 2009 @ 11:51 pm
Hi~ so some of you might know I'm going to another trip to Tokyo in January (my 3rd one) and I had this crazy idea, or not, to offer myself to buy manga/doujinshi/CD's/DVD's, etc for those who are interested.

This time around I have more free time. I know pretty much Tokyo like the palm of my hand *exagerating* and I don't have many new places to see in those 2 weeks so since I spend a lot of time buying things, I thought I'd busy myself buying more things for others and less for myself XD
I know you might be able to attain some things online but there might be things that are hard to find or you might not have a credit card and stuff so I'll make your life easier X3

So the details are the following:

1) You can ask for anything that is in my reach. I don't mind it being just one thing or a thousand *exagerating again* as long as it's something I'm able to find. Please do not ask for the impossible XD This leads to:

2) The place I usually shop for manga/doujinshi which fit more in the yaoi area is Mandarake.
These are pictures of what it looks like on the inside (I took them myself):

Then there's Animate which is this huge kingdom of anime/manga located in Ikebukuro *__* You can buy plushies, figurines, CD's, Drama CD's, DVD's, manga, doujinshi, artbooks, mouse pads, towels, pillows, and such merchandise of your favorite anime/manga there :D
I only have this picture, sorry:

The plushie corner.

For 2nd hand items (and I say books, anime, manga, etc) there's Book Off. I bought many of my shoujo manga there. The condition is pretty good (and if it's not, I won't buy). I think the prices for start off as like half of the price 250 or 300¥, I'm not sure and goes down to 125¥ (so I think it's pbb the 250¥ that is right) when the mangas are either older or in worse condition.
I also bought some CD's there and I thought of buying a box set but even in 2nd hand it was still pretty expensive X(

CD's and DVD's are at HMV. All said.

Finally, there's Kinokuniya where you can find books, all sorts of manga, magazines, etc.
I was really overwhelmed with the place. It's a shame such store doesn't exist here :/

If you're interested in Johnny's merchandise, you can count on me too. I can buy shop photos, official goods, whatever you want :3

You can choose the place you prefer for me to buy what you want or you can just leave it to me. If you tell me you don't want 2nd hand items, I'll exclude Book Off right away though :3

3) I'll ship everything from Japan. Why, you ask? For 2 simple reasons: 1- Last time I had to ship 10kg worth of excess baggage. Yeah, no kidding XD so I highly doubt I'll be able to fit someone else's things in my luggage. 2- Japanese post service is cheaper than here. Around half as much which is...unfair? But unfortunately for me, it's true.
So if you want to know the prices and start calculating, this is the JP Post site. Choose parcel, an estimate of the weight (check #4 (under) for information on the weight of things), Tokyo in the perfecture and then just choose your country. It presents all the methods (EMS, Economy Mail, etc) so you can choose whichever you prefer.

4) The weight of the items, on average is:
Shoujo/Shounen manga - 150g
Yaoi manga - 200g
Doujinshi - 100g
more obvious but just to make sure
CD - 100g
w/ 2 CD's - 120g
DVD - 110g
w/ 2 DVD's - 140g

You can calculate from that.
Other things are quite irregular, right? So I won't be able to say but if you want to ask about something else, maybe I'll know or I'll even have it at hand to weight :3
Idk yet how many people will want me to buy things for them so I won't set a limit yet but the first couple of people might be lucky because if many request things, I'll have to cut down on the weight I'll carry to the post office and I'll have to set a limit for it.

5) The price of things, on average:
Shounen manga (I actually only own a series so I can only calculate from that one): 420¥*
Shoujo manga: 400¥*
Yaoi manga...actually, there are a wide variety of prices and I noticed it depends on the publisher so I'll just list the prices from the mangas I own by publisher:
Asuka Comics - 560¥*
BexBoy Comics - 571¥*
Super BexBoy Comics - 590¥*
Drap - 648¥*
Hanaoto Comics - 632¥*
Chara Comics - 571¥*
Gush - 581¥*
Craft - 600¥*
Doujinshis - From 125 to 2500¥ (there are a couple more expensive but I never bought them. They're usually the ones on the display windows :3)

I won't go for CD's, DVD's, etc because there's a wide variety of prices as well, depending on the content. So as Johnny's merchandise.

*I'm quite sure that to these prices there are taxes appliable because I faintly remember looking at the prices in the back covers of my shoujo manga and seeing 390/400¥ and then paying like 420/430¥ for each manga. There are inclusive some mangas that have like 2 prices, i.e 600¥ and 630¥ so yeah I'm not too sure yet but it might depend on where they are sold...? I shall dig into that and find out :3
(If anyone knows beforehand, please tell me)

6) The last part, the payment. Unfortunately or fortunately, depends on the point of view, I need the payment in advance so I have money to buy the items and see what I'll be able to buy with the money you give me, from the items you want, etc.
The payment is due on the 14th January. I might extend the deadline a couple of days but not many because I leave after a week and I need to organize everything. That's my favorite part :333
I accept paypal, registered mail, whatever, I'm not picky as long as I get the money before I leave. However, the only acceptable currencies are € (Euro) or ¥ (Yen). I think it's understandable why.

If you want to convert something to your currency, go here

I think that's about all~
Oh if you perhaps have pics of the things you want, show me so I can find them more easily :D doujinshis especially

Finally, you can ask all kinds of questions. I'm sure I'll be able to answer. And if not, I'll do my best to deflect XD just kidding~
If you have suggestions for any kind of thing, I'm all ears too :D

To place your order, fill this initially and post it in your comment:

After the main information, we'll discuss all the details :)

Comments are screened by default so people feel more comfortable but if for some reason you think otherwise, there's the option to unscreen, and I'll do it according to your wish :3

This entry is most likely to be edited many times for the next 3 months, until the 14th January (when I stop taking requests so I can prepare everything for my departure).

IMPORTANT: If I do not find the item you asked for and you happen not to want anything else, I , of course, give you your money back. However, I keep 2€, being it for having to pay the post-mail or paypal fees for sending your money back.
I hope you understand that if I'm doing this to help you, I can't involve my own money in it.
I advise you that if you're looking for hard-to-find things, you give me alternative items to buy in case I don't find it. That way, everyone's happy.

EDIT: Now I know I'll have internet connection while in Japan so I'll take requests during the first week I'm there (the last week of January - 24th-30th), however I will only accept requests from people who have contacted me before the 15th January about getting good from Japan. Please keep that in mind. Thank you :3

Last Edit: 19/12/09.
06 December 2009 @ 01:54 pm
Artist: Wann

Title: 100% Perfect Girl
Genre: Action, Drama, Psychological, Romance, Shoujo
Summary: Jay Jin is the headstrong teenage rebel, determined to prove she's serious about making art. J. Max is the tall debonair foreigner, in Korea on business, with more--much more--to his background than he lets on. On the surface, it would seem as though Jay and J. have nothing in common... until a chance encounter in a hotel lobby sparks a mysterious attraction. Will true love prove strong enough to overcome the language barrier, not to mention the thousands of miles separating two attractive people? Then there are the interventions of friends and family who think they know best... as well as a disastrous encounter with spicy chicken kebab! [Manga-updates]
Download: Vol.01 Vol.02 Vol.03 Vol.04 Vol.05 Vol.06 Vol.07 Vol.08 Vol.09 Vol.10 Vol.11 (end)

Artist: Watanabe Ayu

Title: Otomegokoro
Genre: Drama, Romance, Shoujo
Summary: Sixteen-year-old Nene Kashiwagi has undergone a transformation from a sporty girl to a chic one--or, at least, she's trying to become chic so that she can finally find love! Her efforts only gain her teasing from her (former) friend, Jun Endou. But when Nene's first attempt at finding love goes awry, Jun steps in to rescue her in the most unexpected way. [Manga-updates]
Download: Vol.01 Vol.02 (end)

More from Watanabe AyuCollapse )

Artist: Yamada Fumika

Title: Dear My Mister
Genre: Romance, School life, Yaoi
Summary: [Manga-updates]
Download: MF

Artist: Yamagishi Hokuto

Title: Wild Fangs (Prequel to Wild Rose & Wind)
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Yaoi
Summary: Mao, who has a rare bloodline of a beast, has gone on a journey to find the "Master" he has never seen . He then mets Syon, a bounty hunter... [Manga-updates]
Download: MF Extra (end)

More from Yamagishi HokutoCollapse )

Artist: Yoneda Kou

Title: Kanjou Spectrum
Genre: Drama, School life, Shounen-Ai
Summary: Kugou's best friend Nakaya is cheerful, lively, and just a bit hopeless, exactly the type who is popular with both boys and girls. So it comes as no surprise to Kugou when one day he catches Usui, a quiet, yet serious classmate staring at them as they pass by... [Manga-updates]
Download: MF

More from Yoneda KouCollapse )

Artist: Yoshihara Yuuka

Title: Agetai Kimochi
Genre: School life, Smut, Yaoi
Summary: “I want to satisfy my heart and body…!”
What does it mean to become a pair of lovers? Confessing love, having sex, does that alone make you lovers? When did the feeling of falling in love become a greedy luxury?
A special publication, “Rising Feelings” and more, in this large compilation full of hard romantic love stories! [Manga-updates]
Download: MF

More from Yoshihara YuukaCollapse )

Artist: Yoshino Aki

Title: Shuukatsu!
Genre: Comedy, Josei, Romance, Slice of Life
Summary: Life isn’t sweet... Asaoka Yuuri, a senior in university, has failed for the 49th time in job hunting. During an exam at the 50th company, which should be a commemoration for her, she came to know Manabe Ryouji, a famous guy at her university. The first impression was horrible. But what will happen to Yuuri, who started to be attracted to Manabe, who looks cool and can do everything to the point that it’s annoying...?! [Manga-updates]
Download: Vol.01 Vol.02 (end)

Artist: Yuzuki Jun

Title: Gakuen Ouji
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, School life, Shoujo, Smut
Summary: The stage is set in the prestigious Private Joshi (girls) Oka High School, more commonly known as Joshi High. It became co-educational a few years ago, but females still heavily outnumber the males. So small is the number of men that it could be easily counted. While one would think guys would be pampered in such a harem school, the reality is far from heavenly. It is the world of female domination. [Manga-updates]
Download: Vol.01 Vol.02 Vol.03: ch09 ch10 ch11

Artist: Zaou Taishi

Title: Bokutachi wa Asu ni Mukatte Ikiru no da
Genre: Comedy, Yaoi
Summary: One day a crowd of boys rushed to Tasuku's school, claiming that he is the "Luck Goddess' Son", also asking Tasuku to get into bed with them, bringing everyone good fortune. Tasuku's very angry about it, but if he used this power he might make his best friend Oono, the lottery lover, become his. In order to test his powers, Tasuku actually begins to lure Oono...! [Manga-updates]
Download: MF

More from Zaou TaishiCollapse )

And~ it's over. Now I've been updating all the mangas I've already posted so there'll be sporadic posts with new uploads and a few new series from known authors ^^
Hope you enjoy this last batch and please drop by a comment if you take anything :3

Also, there were people postponing requests on this post because there was still a long time until then but I think it's time you seriously consider it because there's only around a month left.
And I'm open for any requests if you're interested in anything from Japan :3

With this, it makes the artist list complete :D
Well, laterz~
Current Music: DBSK - Darkness Eyes
05 December 2009 @ 12:09 pm

Scanner: ina
Translator: gummy_bear05
Proofreader: love_emptiness
Editor: syazanishi_sama & love_emptiness

Title: Resonance Connection
Artist/Writer: Chalico @ Ritsuko Takarazuki
Band(s)/artist(s) featured: KAT-TUN
Pairing(s): Akame
Rating: NC-17
Language: English + Japanese

DownloadCollapse )

Personal order dispatcher in Japan. For all info go here and let me know if you're interested :3

New doujinshis and other items available for sale:

Please drop by a comment if you take it. Everyone appreciates it ^^

30 November 2009 @ 09:50 pm
TeniPuri DJ (continuation)

Title: Pink Killer
Genre: Doujinshi, Yaoi
Author: Tennouji Mio
Download: 1 2

More TeniPuri doujinshisCollapse )

Artist: Tenzen Momoko

Title: Aozora no Sunda Iro wa
Genre: Romance, School life, Shounen-Ai, Yaoi
Summary: Aiming to become a sensei like his former sensei, Sugiura Sakae came to an elementary school as a contract teacher. Coincidentally, his former sensei, Fukada Ryuuji, is currently teaching here. Ryuu sensei is Sakae’s idol as well as his pillar of support. However, the “Ryuu-sensei” he once so admired, is totally different now. Feeling bothered, Sakae slowly realizes that his feelings for sensei have become love. But what about Ryuu-sensei? [Manga-updates]
Download: MF

More from Tenzen MomokoCollapse )

Artist: Tojitsuki Hajime

Title: Hatsukoi no Yamai
Genre: Shounen-Ai, Slice of Life, Supernatural
Summary: [Manga-updates]
Download: MF

More from Tojitsuki HajimeCollapse )

Artist: Toyama Mako

Title: Yuuwaku no Kaori
Genre: Drama, Yaoi
Summary: [Manga-updates]
Download: MF

More from Toyama MakoCollapse )

Artist: Usami Maki

Title: Ringo Hoppe no Koi
Genre: Drama, Romance, Shoujo
Summary: Takami has a HUGE problem! She blushes at the drop of a hat, so everyone knows what she is thinking! She finally makes a decision to stop letting her fear of embarrassment control her -- she gets a job where her crush is working so that she can confess her feelings to him... but then things go awry in an unexpected way! [Manga-updates]
Download: MF

More from Usami MakiCollapse )

Artist: Uzuki Jun

Title: Ore no Tenshi Mayonaka Akuma
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, School life, Yaoi
Summary: This is about a teacher, Fujiki Tomo, whose class has a new student who is as cute as an angel: Shiina Kazunari. But whenever Fujiki sees something unbelievably cute, he can't help but have an incredibly fierce and scary expression on his face due to nervousness. This scared Shiina a lot... and just when Fujiki is trying hard to fix his problem, a second "Shiina Kazunari" appeared in front of him at night. He stole a kiss from Fujiki, and said, "I fell in love with sensei today, and couldn't help but come and see you." The smiling person in front of him, wasn't the angelic Shiina, but a seductive young demon! [Manga-updates]
Download: MF

More from Uzuki JunCollapse )

Artist: Wada Mayuko

Title: Oyasumi Darling
Genre: Yaoi
Summary: [Manga-updates]
Download: MF

More from Wada MayukoCollapse )

Artist: Wakatsuki Senju

Title: Samurai Baby
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, School life, Shoujo, Sports
Summary: The two high school girls, Hanazono Mito and Tatsuda Seshiru, have been friends since kindergarten. But while Seshiru is an honour role student, Mito is constantly breaking school rules. One day, Mito helps Seshiru evade the advances of the arrogant Ran, a rich boy and model who mistakes Mito's interference for jealousy (because of course every woman wants Ran for herself! Yeah, right). This lands Mito in hot water with Ran's fangirls, who later gang up to kick her ass! A new transfer student with wild hair is the one who saves her, but he won't tell Mito his name...!? [Manga-updates]
Download: Vol.01 Vol.02 Vol.03 (end)

Personal order dispatcher in Japan. For all info go here and let me know if you're interested :3
There's only 1 and 1/2 months for it to end

28 November 2009 @ 03:15 pm

Scanner: love_emptiness
Translator: gummy_bear05
Proofreader: love_emptiness
Editor: syazanishi_sama

Title: Suki Suki Dakara Suki
Artist/Writer: Chalico @ Ritsuko Takarazuki
Band(s)/artist(s) featured: KAT-TUN
Pairing(s): Akame
Rating: PG-13
Language: English + Japanese

DownloadCollapse )

Personal order dispatcher in Japan. For all info go here and let me know if you're interested :3

New doujinshis and other items available for sale:

22 November 2009 @ 10:34 pm
Artist: Takaoka Motonari

Title: Sukinandakedo
Genre: Comedy, Yaoi
Summary: With nervousness, Iijima Tadahito decided to confess to his close friend Nagano Naoki. To his bliss, Nagano agreed to go out with him. But when he realizes that their dating life doesn’t differ much from the normal friendship they had before, and Nagano’s expressionless face also stays unchanging, Iijima gets all the more distressed... [Manga-updates]
Download: ch1 ch2

Artist: Takatsuki Noboru

Title: Renai Shinan!
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Yaoi
Summary: 1-3) Renai Shinan!
When Hatano's scruffy boss Honjou asks for his help with girls, Hatano agrees reluctantly. But Honjou turns out to be surprisingly sexy. Can Hatano resist his own creation?
4) Trial Love
Salaryman Kiriya has just broken up with his boyfriend, and feels listless. But he has a puppy-like coworker named Hiura who won't leave him alone. After a kiss on a crowded train, they start spending more time together, but how far will this go?
5) Renjo Sketch
6) Renai Shinan! extra [Manga-updates]
Download: ch1-3 ch4 - Trial Love | LiquidEros for ch5 + extra

More from Takatsuki NoboruCollapse )

Artist: Takenaka Sei

Title: Tsuki no Hoero
Genre: Supernatural, Yaoi
Summary: Miki is the bodyguard of the super-model, Ran. He’s also the only person who knows that the golden-eyed Ran is in fact a werewolf. Not only does Ran have an animalistic sex-drive, he’s also inhumanly strong. “Then, why does he need me as his bodyguard?” Miki wondered… And then, Ran was stabbed by a fan while protecting Miki... [Manga-updates]
Download: ch1-2 ch3

More from Takenaka SeiCollapse )

Artist: Taki Hajime

Title: Aisubeki Dokusaisha
Genre: Comedy, School life, Yaoi
Summary: [Manga-updates]
Download: ch1-5

More from Taki HajimeCollapse )

Artist: Takumi Yuu

Title: Kiss to Kirai no Hantai
Genre: Romance, Yaoi
Summary: Are the two of us friends, or are we lovers? It not clear how he regards us. If I say " let's kiss", he'll kiss me. If I say "let's move in together", he'll smoothly accept. He'll indulge me, but he won't express a desire for anything in return. Just when we've moved in our new place, his little brother who loathes me appears. Because it's a good opportunity, he wants to keep tabs on us. If it come down to me or his family, he'll choose me.... Right? [Manga-updates]
Download: ch1-4 ch5 + extra (end)

More from Takami YuuCollapse )

Nekota Yonezou/Yamada D Yonezoh/Komeya's TeniPuri DJ

Title: Dateline
Genre: Doujinshi, Yaoi
Summary: Kaidoh has just joined the team, and seems to be an easy target for Inui's teasing. Kaidoh is tougher than he looks, and Inui's imagination gets the better of him. [Manga-updates]
Download: MF

More from KomeyaCollapse )

And it goes on...

Title: Kakioroshi
Genre: Doujinshi, Yaoi
Summary: [Manga-updates]
Download: MF

And yet more~Collapse )

It's funny because just today I updated my sales post and I added a PoT/TeniPuri DJ by Yonezou for sale :3 Check it out over here :D
Also I'm offering myself to help people get whatever items they want from Japan while I'm there so if there's something, anything you want, don't hesitate to ask here. All the details at the post ^^ There's still a bit over a month so think it over how much you want~

Finally, the author's artist's list is updated as well. Take a look over here~

With that, I'll be going to sleep and you guys enjoy the load of manga :3

おやすみなさい~ [(--)]ZZzzz...

Bringing two scanlations by two completely different authors this time~
It's to make up for the long time I've been taking to post any doujinshi >_<
From now on, I'll pbb post them weekly ^^

Scanner: love_emptiness
Translator: meikimari
Proofreader: love_emptiness
Editor: fr_gal

Title: Nagomi
Artist/Writer: J@B
Band(s)/artist(s) featured: KAT-TUN
Pairing(s): Akame
Rating: NC-17
Language: English + Japanese

DownloadCollapse )

Scanner: love_emptiness
Translator: gummy_bear05
Proofreader: love_emptiness
Editor: myxstorie

Title: It's Spring in Shinjuku Kabukicho
Artist/Writer: Murachaki
Band(s)/artist(s) featured: KAT-TUN
Pairing(s): Akame
Rating: NC-17
Language: English + Japanese

DownloadCollapse )

Have fun reading. Enjoy~ たのしんで :3

Finally, like some may already know, I'm offering myself to buy anything people might want from Japan while I'm there so for all the details go here and let me know if you're interested :3

Also new doujinshis and other items available for sale:

Current Music: DBSK - Purple Line

Scanner: love_emptiness
Translator: ztupididiot
Proofreader: love_emptiness
Editor: dreamingdev

Title: Ano Ko ni Ageru
Artist/Writer: Sawauchi Sachiyo
Band(s)/artist(s) featured: KAT-TUN
Pairing(s): Akame
Rating: PG-13
Language: English + Japanese

DownloadCollapse )

Enjoy~ this is an interesting doujinshi I found seeing it comes from a mangaka I love *_*

And since many people have been asking me regarding the doujinshis and stuff, after some thought I've decided to be a personal order-dispatcher and get people things directly from Japan. If you're interested, go to this entry for all the details :3

15 October 2009 @ 04:57 pm

Scanner: sollasollew11
Translator: gummy_bear05
Proofreader: love_emptiness
Editor: larva_zax

Title: Bow Wow Paradise
Artist/Writer: Chalico
Band(s)/artist(s) featured: KAT-TUN
Pairing(s): Akame
Rating: NC-17
Language: English + Japanese

DownloadCollapse )

I'm sorry for not posting any doujinshi for such a long time. I was on hiatus and since then I haven't really given out any work for the team.
But I shall bother them now XD

Hope you enjoy this~

By the way, many people have been asking me regarding the doujinshis and stuff so after some thought I've decided to be a personal order-dispatcher and get people things directly from Japan. If you're interested, go to this entry for all the details :3

27 September 2009 @ 04:20 pm
Aritst: Oyamada Ami

Title: Start Line
Genre: School life, Sports, Yaoi
Summary: Kei has drifted apart from his childhood friend, Hayato. When Hayato began to surpass Kei instead of following behind him, Kei started seeing his old friend in a new light. Feeling the wind, love is on the track team! [Manga-updates]
Download: ch1

More from Oyamada AmiCollapse )

Aritst: Rokyua Sanae

Title: Virgin Break
Genre: Yaoi
Summary: [Manga-updates]
Download: MF

More from Rokuya SanaeCollapse )

Aritst: Sakurai Ryou

Title: Ijiwaru na Kuchibiru
Genre: Comedy, Yaoi
Summary: [Manga-updates]
Download: MF

More from Sakurai RyouCollapse )

Note: Since this manga is a series of one-shots, it seems chapter 3 wasn't yet scanlated :3

Aritst: Seino Shizuru

Title: Junai Tokkou Taichou!
Genre: Comedy, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Slice of Life
Summary: When the school's two biggest troublemakers get into a tussle, there's nothing left for them to do but fall in love! In Love Attack, you'll find a rollicking brawl of a good time as the roughest guy and girl in school get themselves into trouble--and find themselves in love. [Manga-updates]
Download: Vol.01 Vol.02 Vol.03 Vol.04

Note: This manga is pretty fun. Like, their expressions sometimes kill me XD It's like Yanki-kun to Megane-chan, although this one has much more romance in it (coincidentally I started reading both around the same time). Another series I bought in Japan >_< I seriously spend too much money on mangas

Aritst: Shiina Karuho

Title: Kimi ni Todoke
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Slice of Life
Summary: Sawako Kuronuma, called Sadako by her classmates for her resemblance to the character 'Sadako', from The Ring, has always been feared and misunderstood because of her appearance. There are rumors that Sawako can see ghosts and curse people. But when her idol, popular boy Kazehaya, begins talking with her, everything changes. She finds herself in a new world. [Manga-updates]
Download: Vol.01 Vol.02 Vol.03 Vol.04 Vol.05: ch17 ch18 ch19

Note: I'm adding too many notes, huh? D: This manga is pretty nice. Another one I want to buy this time around *coughs* It's a shame the author is currently on hiatus due to maternity leave. Oh well, I'm sure the baby will be really cute :33

Aritst: Shiumi Saki

Title: Jun'ai Junkie
Genre: Drama, Romance, Shoujo, Sports
Summary: [Manga-updates]
Download: story 1_ch1 story 2_ch2 story 3 story 4

Aritst: Sugi Emiko

Title: Get You
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Mature, Romance, Shoujo, Smut
Summary: For Anri, age 17, there can be only one--the popular singer SHIN. She'd risk her life to be transformed into a woman by him, and she'd sooner die than knowingly give her virginity to anyone else. After executing a few bold, attention-getting maneuvers, Anri gets what she wants, and then runs off before the man wakes up again. ...BUT was the man really SHIN? Anri discovers that there are fake SHINs who try to get women like that, and one incriminating piece of evidence suggests that the man Anri gave her virginity to was not SHIN. Revenge is now a matter of pride, and she's going to make this man pay! But does Anri really have any idea who she's waging war against? [Manga-updates]
Download: Vol.01 Vol.02 Vol.03 Vol.04

More from Sugi EmikoCollapse )

Aritst: Takahashi Yuu

Title: Jounetsu no Young Man
Genre: Yaoi
Summary: 1-6) Ono slept with Yamada, a high-schooler, when he was drunk because of a break up with Hidenori. Ono thought of it as a one-night stand, but Yamada went to Ono’s workplace to look for him the next day. On top of that, Hidenori requested for reconcile. Who will Ono choose? Will it be the passionate love with a high-schooler or a steady relationship with his ex-lover?
7-8) F.D.
Shibata and Ookouchi are fire fighters in training, but the physically superior Ookouchi is making Shibata feel inferior. [Manga-updates]
Download: MF

More from Takahashi YuuCollapse )

Aritst: Takaku Shouko

Title: 17 Sai no Hisoka na Yokujou
Genre: School life, Smut, Yaoi
Summary: “It’s fine if our hearts aren’t connected”, that is what Takamura sensei thought when he confessed to his student, Rin. But after a few times of bodily contact, Takamura started to desire Rin’s heart. Will Rin open himself up and accept Takamura? [Manga-updates]
Download: MF

More from Takaku ShoukoCollapse )

Aritst: Takakura Row

Title: I can't stop loving you
Genre: Action, School life, Supernatural, Yaoi
Summary: Kyouji is a Buddhist exorcist, and although he can't see ghosts, his best friend and lover, Yu, can! Maybe they'd go all the way if Yu's incredible supernatural strength could be held in check. How can a steamy, sexy relationship survive such obstacles? [Manga-updates]
Download: Vol.01 Vol.02 (end)

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Since I've rambled quite a lot already, I'll just leave you to enjoy the mangas~ :3